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How Ananda Citta Came to Be


I remember shopping with my grandma when I was 10 years old. I spotted a trinket—I can’t recall exactly what it was, but I remember it was small, white, and precious—and I knew my mom needed it. Some part of me felt my mom’s need to feel connection and joy and I knew that by simply giving her this small gift, I could bring her those things. All these years later, I can’t tell you if my mom still has that trinket, but I can still feel the joy she shared when I gave her my gift. That small gesture filled me with such happiness of my own, I knew it was a sign that I had found my life purpose.

That need to provide spiritual care for others and to contribute to the happiness and well-being of those around me has never left me. I have continued to try and bring peace, love, and connectedness to others. This inner drive pushes me to see all living beings at their purest, highest version of themselves; I do this work today through Ananda Citta.

When I began to think about a name for my business, I wanted something that would evoke bliss, love, happiness, and our oneness with the universe. I tried out a bunch of different options—some of them pretty bad!—before landing on Ananda Citta. The name comes from two Sanskrit words: Ananda, meaning bliss, and Citta, meaning mind. These two words together represent my mission: to work with people and animals with the goal of fostering peace, love, and connection to all life. I do this through Reiki, Intuitive Tarot Readings, and Animal Communication.

My goal is to support you or your pet on the journey from where you are to where you want to be. I will be the bridge that connects you to spirit and your highest version of yourself. I will share your pet’s thoughts, feelings, fears, and joys in a way that is clear and direct. Through our work together, we will deepen the spiritual connection you have with your pet and the Divine.

Welcome to Ananda Citta!

Contact me now for your free personalized assessment. By answering a few simple questions, I will be able to pinpoint which areas to focus on to help you or your pet live your best life.

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